NeoCloud Hosted Voice Conferencing

NeoCloud’s unified communication and collaboration solutions provide the quality and resilience required for a professional environment. NeoCloud’s interoperable, open communications and collaboration solutions are affordable, easy to use, simple to deploy and suitable for all businesses from small to large, new to old.

NeoCloud includes Conferencing solutions powered by Vidyo, Voice Conferencing, Hosted IP telephony using a Broadsoft platform and an event based billing system for all important recurring revenues.

At NeoCloud are a unified communications provider, with a wealth of experience in telecommunications and audio visual markets. NeoCloud’s team will provide all the technology, supporting devices and professional services to enable customers to offer their end users customers a full Unified Communications package.

Voice, Video and Billing – the ultimate optimised communications solution.

NeoCloud’s Hosted Voice Service, VoIP, provides a consistent user experience across multimedia communications, and is packed with more features and flexibility than is available from traditional telephony systems.

This VoIP system is designed specifically for the needs of businesses, delivers voice services over an IP network direct to offices that utilise IP phones connected to an office LAN.  The service is hosted from a secure data centre, negating the need for on-site storage, and provides paramount security and consistency for business communications.

Particularly suited to organisations that require a dynamic system, that is flexible to grow and adapt to future needs. NeoCloud VoIP systems offer uniformity – staff working from home or remote offices get exactly the same functionality as those in head office.

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Hosted Voice Conferencing

Benefits of VoIP for business

  • Capital cost reduction.

  • Call cost reduction.

  • Complete security.

  • Instant, remote upgrades.

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Video Conferencing solutions, that includes Hosted Video Conferencing packages, Infrastructure or Hardware Video Conference solutions, or increasingly a mix of both – for the most comprehensive deployment offering unbeatable flexibility and multi-point video conferencing opportunities.

Video Conferencing opens doors for resellers to offer Unified Communications solutions. Adapting to changes in the business environment is critical, and with a Video Conference package from NeoCloud, you are able to offer customers a global, flexible solution that is scalable to meet the needs of your customers now, and in the future.

Together with an infrastructure video conference package, powered by Vidyo, which provides a basis for Video Conference propositions, an additional pay per seat hosted video conferencing solution, also powered by Vidyo, compliments the room system for a unique and flexible deployment. Hosted video conferencing allows a personal telepresence experience for greater engagement from a desktop, tablet or smartphone – video conferencing on the go!

NeoCloud now includes VidyoSlate in its toolbox. With VidyoSlate, your tablet becomes the ideal second screen in a Vidyo conference, putting content collaboration at your fingertips. VidyoSlate lets you share documents directly from your tablet into the conference, view and annotate the content shared by any conference participant, and share whiteboards so that everyone can view your notes and drawings.

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Hosted Video Conferencing

Benefits of Hosted Video

  • Powered by Vidyo.

  • Integrated infrastructure and hosted solutions.

  • HD secure business application.

  • Flexible, multi-point conferencing.

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The NeoCloud billing platform provides a total billing solution with no need for add-ons or upgrades and has the speed, scope and flexibility to cope with complex, large business models whilst being equally as effective and affordable in the small business environment.

NeoCloud’s system meets both existing and projected industry standards including Converged Voice and Data, IP, Mobile, WLR 3 and LLU.

The platform is Microsoft based with a user-friendly interface and configured to integrate seamlessly with third party programmes including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Salesforce CRM packages.

As a Next Generation Billing engine it has been specifically engineered to allow users to build complex offers, bundles and bespoke packages, giving users the maximum amount of flexibility and competitive advantage.

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NeoCloud Billing Platform

Benefits of NeoCloud Billing Platform

  • Realise greater profit potential with access to all CDR’s.

  • Flexible – Create bespoke solutions for your customers.

  • Simplify management of complex bundles.

  • User friendly interface.

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